You know that song you can't get enough of right now? This is the place for it. No points for obscurity or mainstream. Just let us know whats on repeat right now. Enjoy!

Song: Baby, Let's Play House
Artist: Elvis
Album: Elvis 75: Good Rockin' Tonight

I'm an Elvis fan and this has to be one of my favorites by him. This song almost exaggerates his style and shows his Rock-a-billy roots. The guitar finger-picking is awesome and the percussion keeps time without being overbearing. The vocals, as with most Elvis songs, are spot on. The line "I'd rather see you dead, little girl, than be with another man" is belted like he truly means it. Don't forget to check out he guitar solo in the last bit of the song. It's classic! Oh yeah, hit repeat...


Song about nothing
Song: Gone Upside Down
Artist: Dishwalla
Album: And You Think You Know What Life's About

The beginning has a certain groove that catches your attention. You just know something amazing is about to happen. The verse ends in a build-up that would make some bands jealous. Then the glorious chorus. Guitars thrash somehow soft but hard and after the first listen or too you're singing along. The end is just an all out war. Good luck resisting temptation. What's left to do but hit repeat...

Passion Pit
Song: Sleepyhead
Artist: Passion Pit
Album: Chunk of Change

The steady kick of the bass drum forces at least a head nod. The vocals sound strained but somehow grab your attention. Then the synth kicks in on the chorus and you're instantly hooked. The backing dubs of vocals make since then. It all comes together and blends and then...you hit repeat.

Home Video
Song: Pidpunk
Artist: Home Video
Album: No Certain Night or Morning

The harsh electronic sound grabs you and then hands you over to a simple yet captivating drum beat and backing vocal combo. Then the harmonies kick in and you're hooked. Then comes the repetition of the line "you will listen". And you do. And again. Too bad it barely clears the 2.5 minute mark.

Jerry Lee Lewis
Song: That Lucky Old Sun
Artist: Jerry Lee Lewis
Album: Great Balls of Fire Soundtrack

This song is a favorite of mine for a couple of reasons. With just The Killer himself on the keys you really get to hear the talent that is sometimes covered by the rest of the band. The slow bluesy drag is steady and rhythmic and, along with Jerry Lee's voice, brings out the emotion of the song. To me its about a man that is tired and just wants to rest a while.

Uh Huh Her
Song: Say So
Artist: Uh Huh Her
Album: Common Reaction

This weeks repeat comes from Uh Huh Her. They're a duet consisting of Camila Gray (Mellowdrone) and Leisha Hailey (Alice Pieszecki of The L Word). This song has an electronic tinge and a harmonious chorus that will imprint itself for hours. The driving bass of the verses isn't too shabby either.

This song is an old one but still has a rockin' edge. The chorus kicks in with a bang that revs your engine and the verse has a guitar groove thats simple but addictive.

Jump, Little Children-Rains in Asia
I really, really love the concept of this community. Can't wait to see it get really going.

My contribution is a song by a (somewhat) known band called Jump, Little Children. Their most famous song is "Cathedrals," but this song, "Rains in Asia" is beautifully optimistic and joyful. It makes me want to go outside and dance in the rain, and helps me remember how connected everyone is.

Download link: hxxp://www.megaupload.com/?d=SA52ZSBD

Bombay Bicycle Club
This song is great. Catchy drum beat and infectious guitars. The bridge grabs pretty hard and leaves a taste in your mouth that will take a couple days to get out.

Say Anything
Ok. Been a while but here goes. This song came up on a playlist I "supposedly" made, but I don't ever remember hearing it. It's upbeat and seems to speak of WWII although it could mean something else totally to you. The beginning of it almost turned me off at first, but now that I've heard the song 20 million times this week, its kinda catchy. What do you think?

Alive With The Glory Of Love - SAY ANYTHING


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